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Mother’s Day Stories and Inspiration from Our Team

Mother’s Day Stories and Inspiration from Our Team

Did you know that the Photojaanic team is spread across different cities and continents?

With Mother’s Day coming soon, we thought we’d get to know a little bit more about our diverse team members, and ask them to share little stories about their mothers.

Not just that, we also want to help you pick something special for your mother on this occasion, so each of us also shared our favourite products, either for gifting or for our own keepsakes (what can we say, we all love collecting memories).

Get prepared to be inspired with these heartwarming stories and personal keepsakes!

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What’s the most important lesson you have learned from your mother?

My mother has this great ability to stand out of the crowd, she never fits into the typical idea of a “mother”. 

Perhaps the greatest memory that glues together the entirety of my youth is that of my mother effortlessly converting each of my failures into endless fits of laughter. For maa, my inability to survive the embrace of Chemistry or my ‘absolute and complete breakdown’ before a Mathematics exam was just another reason to take a break, watch a movie, go get ice cream. This is to say that failure, in her warm, forgiving hands, was never encouraged, but always understood, consoled and eventually allowed to leave its mark on a personality.

Today when I look back, I realise this is how she makes sure that I don’t run away from my fears, but rather learn to challenge them. Even today, when I face challenges that are way bigger than a math exam, I find it extraordinarily easy to sit with my mom and enjoy a scoop of ice cream, knowing deep down that I will find a way out to fight it.

Why do you choose Retro prints?

I usually have a display board of all the memorable moments, so prints fit that need the best way.

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What’s your memorable motherly experience?

The closest I have come to a motherly feeling is with my two darling nieces. We spend a long summer together every year at our family home and it’s all about games, food, and fun. The biggest task is to wake them up in the morning (read: noon). Since I work remotely, there are times when I’m working and they sit right in front of me staring at my face with just one question ‘When will you stop working so we can go and play?’

Why do you choose a softcover photobook?

Because it’s small and handy, perfect for Instagram photos.

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What do you remember most about your mother?

We are five siblings and raising all five of us is quite a challenge. The well-being of all five of us is on top of her mind all the time. I remember this one occasion pretty well which may not seem like too eventful to anyone else, but, means a lot to me.

A couple of years ago, my Mum and Dad had gone to visit my uncle’s house. While they were there, my aunt gave Mum a bar of chocolate (some foreign brand). Aunty asked Mum why she wasn’t having the sweet. Mum said that she would give it to her children when she went back home. When she came home, she divided the chocolate bar into five pieces and gave it to us. It’s not like she couldn’t afford to get some chocolates for us. It’s that whatever she gets, she’d always want to share it with us. This is just one instance of the many great things that she does for us. I love you, Mum.

Why do you choose a Canvas Lite?

Because it’s lightweight and easy to install.

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What do you admire most about your mother?

I have always admired my mum. As a woman, she’s strong and brave, and as a mother, she’s incredibly loving and selfless. My favourite childhood memory is how my mum used to read us stories before bed, and I think that’s how my love for words and literature started. She makes me who I am today.

Why do you choose a wall photo frame?

My mum loves decorating, and she’s all about convenience and clean design. A wall photo frame will save her from all the hassle, which I know she’ll appreciate.

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What’s your favourite childhood memory?

I can speak volumes about my Mom and the love and care she has given me and my siblings. She took so much care of us and did a lot for us since childhood and until we were grown up and married. She would speak very little, never complain and prepare our favourite food as well as taking care of our needs.

There are lots of memories that I can share but one that amuses me is this one: When I was in primary school she would sometimes come up and say that she would like to take up my lessons so to keep me on guard. She would start reviewing a subject and fall asleep in a few minutes. Then I would go and happily play with my friends.

What I learned from my Mom is to always be humble, honest, work hard, and help anyone in need.

Why do you choose a hardcover photobook?

My Mom had been on a trip to Canada some years ago so I gifted her a photobook of the trip. She loved it and showed it to all relatives and friends that visited her. Now she asks me to make a photobook for her for special occasions. She has been asking for a small photobook of the wedding of her grandsons that have been recently married.

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What does your mum mean to you?

My mom is my friend, guide, and philosopher. I feel really lucky to have a loving mother who taught me to treat everyone with love and respect. She has been a constant support through all my good and bad times. I’m looking forward to celebrating Mother’s Day with her by having a small family get together.

Why do you choose a mounted print?

I would love to put this in my room, so I can always feel my mom’s presence.

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What’s your favourite story about your mother? Share the memory and love with her, and give her a thoughtful and personal gift she will cherish forever.

We have amazing Mother’s Day offers to help you celebrate this special time, so create your gift now to get it delivered in time for the occasion.

Happy Mother’s Day!

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