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Photobook Idea: Aged to Perfection

Text by Bhushana Khade

On my father in law’s 61st birthday, I wanted to give him a special gift – something which was not just memorable but also took him down the memory lane of happiness and showed how important he is to us and the family. I decided to create another wedding album for him by shuffling the old photos.

Since the time I have known him, my father in law has always been fond of taking pictures of every occasion in the family. I share this passion for images with him. Though not a great photographer myself, I enjoy the process of archiving photos. The joy of holding your photos in print is far greater than seeing them on a laptop screen.

While going through the archive of family photos, I found there was a pattern going on. Many of the old photos were similar to newer ones – in terms of poses and the people in the photos. That gave me the idea to create my album by putting matching old and new photos together.

photo book ideas - photojaanic (2)

There are several articles on the web that talk about the idea of reliving history with photography by taking ‘then and now’ photos. And here I already had them with me. Combining the old and the new gives us an amazing perspective of how things have changed.

Thus began a 2-month long process of collecting photos from various sources – family, distant relatives, old friends – I contacted everybody who could possibly have photos of my father in law. I scanned all the photos, edited them, put the matching pictures together. Once the photos were ready, I didn’t want to give the album to a professional designer to make, because he may not be able to do justice to what I wanted to create.

photo book ideas - photojaanic (1)

When I came across Photojaanic, I was extremely happy because it allowed me to create the album myself, just the way I wanted it. Not being very expressive with words, I use to wonder if I could ever convey my emotions to the photographer about how I would like to have my memories to be placed across. But Photojaanic gave me a platform where I could myself device an album where I could translate my emotions into one short film like an album. Even after I placed my order, the Photojaanic team was very co-operative to listen and make the changes as per my suggestions.

Below are a few images from the hardcover photobook I created.

photo book ideas - photojaanic (4)

photo book ideas - photojaanic (5)

The response from family members was overwhelming when they saw this book. And my father in law, he just had tears of happiness in his eyes.

Compiling family photos does seem like a daunting task, but I would say, the final result is totally worth it!

An artist at heart, Merchant Acquiring Business head by profession, and most importantly a very good homemaker with great management skills, Bhushana Khade believes in expressing herself through her work, be it professional or personal.

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