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Baby’s First Year Memory Book – 12 Must Have Ideas

Nothing inspires us more than seeing your excitement over the books you create and your art reflected in the product. Here’s one of our favorite “baby first year book”, designed and shared by Jayshree. Thanks for joining us in moving stories off your device and into your life – you inspire us beyond measure.

Top Baby Memory Book Ideas

Inspired by her baby‘s first-year photo book and the perennial feelings that her photographs impart, Jayshree gives us more details about her personal project on the baby record book.

baby memory book

Image: Notice the little mouse on the cover? That’s because Kabir loved the Schuhe-mama lullaby ☺

Your baby’s first year is literally a year of so many firsts – the first time you hold him outside the delivery room, the first tiny yawn, the first time they tumble over, get a vaccination, the first time they smile, sit, crawl, get tiny teeth and learn to walk… but the real ‘first’ happens to you. It is the first time you realize your heart can hold such an incredible, unending reservoir of love.

But in between the scores of sleepless nights and endless diaper changes, time flies way too fast and before you know, that tiny bundle becomes a year old! The first year holds a very special place in our hearts as parents because it is the time that changes our lives forever. So why not take a small and simple step today to preserve those memories forever so that you can go back in time whenever you want?

Like most parents of the digital age, I was ready and armed with a smartphone to capture all the clichéd quirks but also the little moments that went on to make my baby’s story. Here’s what I did to make a baby memory book.

1. Start at the Beginning

baby memory book

Did your head spin with joy or did silent tears flow by when you saw your baby for the very first time during sonography? From the first ‘positive’ report to the growing baby bump to crazy cravings, I captured my journey of a lifetime in photos… and that is how I began my book.

Don’t miss the hospital beat: It is easy to get distracted between the euphoria and exhaustion of childbirth so I planned in advance and told the husband to take over clicking pictures of those very first moments – the first cuddle and smile – those tiny baby hands and feet and even the doctor ☺.

Very soon the baby goes from being called ‘Chota baby’ to having his or her very own identity. Most parents have a few shortlists and a tiny story behind why they picked a name. It sure makes for an interesting read years later.

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2. Tiny Imprints

baby memory album

Some hospitals offer to provide imprints of those tiny hands and feet in the hospital certificate. Mine didn’t, so I got it done as soon as I got home.

3. First Ceremony or Festivals

milestone book

While different people have different customs, there is almost always a ceremony to welcome home the new bundle of joy and introduce them to relatives. Diwali, Id, and Christmas become even more special in the baby’s first year.

This is the best time to get candid shots of the baby with the rest of the world.

4. All Hands on Deck

It is near impossible to find a mom who does not have a spit-up or a potty story. While the camera may not be the first thing coming to your mind in that situation, it will sure make for a really funny story when the baby grows up. So don’t miss that one!

This will make your baby moments grow into a milestone book.

5. Cliché for the World, an Incredible Feeling for you

baby milestone book

Oh my God! I jumped up in crazy joy as my little one finally managed to tumble on his stomach for the first time. Yes, it is a natural part of growing up but it is incredibly special for me. So don’t miss the clichéd clicks – first tumble, crawl, smile, tooth, walk, solid food, and the likes.

6. The Little Stories

baby memory ideas

These are the stories that make my baby milestone book stand out from all the other baby books in the world. These are my little stories of how I cried more than him during his vaccination, how he bathed in the sink for the first time, how he pulled a face after tasting khichdi, how he slept for three hours after his first bath and how I sat night after night wide awake while he played.

I can’t forget how he would get excited about the bathroom light is on. We all have those moments when our heart is overwhelmed with emotions – make those into a story and create a mini photo book as well. I guarantee there won’t be a single person who will not smile through the pics.

7. The Adorable Little Monkey

Yes, I have the most beautiful baby in the world and so do you. If there is a heaven out there, it would feel like the way our heart explodes with joy when they smile. So get them dressed in different outfits and get that camera clicking to make digital books.

Don’t forget to get their pics with their favorite toys, assorted relatives, and the time when they are out on family functions.

8. The Sibling/Pet Story

Sibling and pet bonds are at a completely different level for your baby because it forms your child’s first friendship story. Again, a great time to capture candid shots of play and masti time.

baby memory book ideas

9. One day in the Life of my Baby

Wake up at 4 am. Scream. Be fed. Play. Play some more. Pretend to sleep. Scream again as soon as mamma falls asleep. 5 am. Feed me again. Yayy… potty time. Clean me or I’ll scream! Scream scream scream. OK. I am better. I don’t like that toy. Or that toy. Or that toy. I want your phone. GIVE THE PHONE. Scream. See. I get what I want….

You get the idea. So get the pictures too. Capture a day in the life of your baby. Makes for a very interesting picture story on its own and this creates the best baby memory ideas.

10. The Monthly Birthdays

1st year birthday

You may not realize when it happens but time does fly fast when you were busy tending to the baby. So I take one day out every month to celebrate his monthly birthday with a cake and one picture each month to see how they grow over the year. This keeps your baby memory book updated for your lifetime.

11. The Big One

Either during the year or at the 1st birthday, hire a professional photographer to do a complete family shoot and a portfolio shoot of the little one. While this one will deserve a baby memory album of its own, don’t miss making this a perfect end to the 1st chapter and the beginning of the 2nd chapter in your baby’s life.

12. Create a Family Tree

When your family starts to grow up all like to make one statement, “Yes, let’s create a family tree”. All the pictures of the Great-Grandparents, Grandparents, Parents, and the little newborn baby.

This will be the best family picture ideas that can be done with the family photos.

You Can Create Your Own Baby Record Book

Now that you have everything set, all you need is to create a narrative baby record book to put it all together. Photo books are simple to create and once you print using high-quality paper, they are all set to last a lifetime. Start creating baby photo book.

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