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How NOT to Take Couple Photographs

In our last article, we shared where you could go to take romantic photographs as a couple without having to burn a hole in your pocket i.e traveling overseas.

Tips for taking pictures:

Now that you have good location ideas for your photos, you’ll need to know next how to make your photos look good. You don’t need to be a model to know how to work that angle, but you do need to know the following simple tips that can make a good photo look even better.

1) Avoid over-saturating

Color saturation helps increase the color intensity of a picture. It is a popular technique to creating beautiful and bright photos and got even more popular thanks to the widespread use of photo filtering applications such as Instagram.

Below, you will see a picture without a filter on the left side and a picture with high color saturation on the right side:


While the use of saturated photos may seem to help make your photos look good, a study made by Yahoo lab titled “ Why We Filter Our Photos and How It Impacts Engagement” found that saturated photos actually get lower views than original ones. So keep away unnecessary filters and opt to use natural light instead. The result will be much more appealing. Remember, #NoFilter

2) Don’t force poses for the camera

What’s great about being in a relationship is that you can and should be totally comfortable around the other person. So just relax, let loose and be yourself for the photoshoot. The last thing you want for the photograph to have is for either of you to look stiff, unnatural, and extremely awkward in your poses. Don’t force poses that you won’t normally do, instead, treat the photoshoot just like you would interact with your partner in your everyday life.

When doing a couple of shots, just enjoy the company you have with your partner and forget that the camera is around. Below is an example of a couple looking natural in front of the camera.


Most importantly, never place yourselves in a situation where you feel stressed about the photos you have to take or the poses you have to make. Some of the best photos are the ones that are spontaneously taken e.g a surprise spot that you would never think would have good lighting and background or even a cute shot of you laughing at each other’s jokes. It’s wise then, to apply a KISS principle, keep it simple and sincere. But hey, a sweet kiss makes for a good shot too!

3) Don’t forget to make an effort to dress for the occasion

While this might sound obvious enough, it’s still an aspect that some may overlook. If you’re already planning to do a photo-shoot together, then make an effort to plan the outfit that flatters you. Dress your best since the photos are going to be memories that you’ll look back at from time to time, so if that means changing into a nicer outfit after work, do it! Below an example of how you should certainly not dress for romantic photos:


Are you dressed to match your partner? Perhaps the location factors in as to how you dress? You don’t want to be climbing a hill in a restrictive outfit or in uncomfortable shoes, do you? As straightforward as it sounds, you do want to put some thought into your outfit and plan in advance.

It is also a good idea to share with your partner your dress plans too so that your styles are aligned. A modern casual style for an outdoor urban photoshoot is perfect. And, unless you have a theme for your photo book, there is no reason to overly use eccentric props or outfits.

4) Don’t overwork yourself

When you plan for a photo-shoot session with your partner, think of it as a fun, interactive date where both of you are enjoying the time that you are spending with the other. The process of the photo-shoot itself is also a beautiful shared memory for both of you. If you’re not having fun on the shoot, it will show up on your facial expressions, which would not make for a good photo nor for a good time. Much like not forcing poses, you shouldn’t be having to force your facial expressions.

Smile at the camera, and look at each other as you would. If facing the camera is not your thing, then just do shots where it doesn’t require to look at the camera.

Here is an example of a pose where you don’t have to look at the camera. Instead, look at each other:


Now that you know where to head to and what you could do to make for a great photo-shoot, it’s time to head out there and build your own photo book! At Photojaanic, we want to make your photo-shoots a fun and stress-free one by providing you templates that you can customize to make it your own unique couple photobook.

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