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5 Creative Tips for Better Kids Photography

From using toys as props to embracing the candid moments, it’s every photographer’s dream, parent’s dream and especially a mother’s dream to capture those treasured shots.

Photographing kids is about “Chasing Cuteness”

The great thing about kids photography is that just about anyone with enough energy and patience can capture some pretty good kid photos. You don’t need an extraordinary camera. You don’t need to have expensive lighting. You don’t even need to understand all those complicated buttons on your camera. Just make sure you have good lighting to chase the cuteness. ?In fact, photographing kids is just about the easiest thing you could do with your camera.

If you are a photographer, or just want to get the best portrait photos possible of your children, then you have to make it worth their while! Making photo shoots fun and enjoyable means that your kids will want to do it again, and again, and again…

Getting a good photograph of kids is about chasing the cute things they do and (hopefully) capturing those cute things on camera. In short, you have to really match your own energy level with the energy level of kids (which is extraordinarily high).

We would like to share some of the approaches and creative ways you can use to get the best shots of your Kids.

1. Get out of the studio mood! Go Outdoors


You don’t need to have a fancy studio set up to take awesome pictures of kids. In fact, you are better off if you get out of the studio and get into their natural element. You only need 1 studio shot a year of your kids and we consider that their school photos. Get outside. Go into their room. Go anywhere to take kid shots – just not in a studio. Kids are at their best when outdoors.

2. Create a situation. Then watch how it unfolds


Kids are unpredictable in a predictable sort of way. Sure they can do anything at any moment, but if you put a bowl of chocolate ice cream in front of them without a spoon, what do you think will happen? Our prediction is that you will end up with some hilarious shots of your kid with ice cream all over their face. Try giving them a pet or a puppy to play with to get some real caring shots.

3) Use a fisheye lens.


If you’re going to take a lot of pictures of kids, invest in a fisheye lens. Not only can you capture a wide scene of what’s going on, but you can capture the mood of what it’s like to be a kid — everything is slightly “larger than life”. It’s one of our favorite techniques as it lets you capture the energy of kids and all the chaos around. It’s a lot of fun especially during your kids’ parties and time on the beach.

4) Don’t say No


Half of why kids photography is so rewarding is because their imagination and their creativity are way beyond our adult minds. We usually come into a situation in which we want to photograph kids with our own notion and we never end up getting the desired shots.
Our rule of thumb is to pretty much never say “no” to a kid about their ideas. Most of them are good. No, in fact, most of them are great. Just let them run with their ideas and you will probably be much happier with the result.

5) Get a helper behind you who is good with kids


Kids have short attention spans and sometimes you need someone to help you keep them in one place long enough for you to shoot something spectacular. The benefit of having a helper behind you while shooting is that you can get the kids to appear to be looking straight into the camera for some great shots doing cute things.

Photos represent the moments we love the most. At Photojaanic, everything we do is centered around the love of photos.

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