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10 Cool Ideas for Planning an Engagement Ceremony

So, your big day is coming up and you have no idea what to do for your engagement party! Well, don’t worry, we’ve got tons of ideas and we’re ready to share them with you.

Here are 10 fun ideas you can use to make your ring ceremony party a memorable day for both the couple and the guests!

  1. A Walk Down Memory Lane

Make a creative display of all the moments building up to this day. You can do this by putting together a cute visual of your journey together as a young couple in love, finally making it to their engagement ceremony – ready to embrace their life together. 
Alternatively, if you’re more old school, you could also tell your story through a photo book and keep it around the venue for your guests to have a look at. You can even have a fun little quiz after that to see who knows your journey the best.

  2. The Ring Hunters

Here’s another way to add a spark of fun to your engagement party. Make or buy a few cheap rings and hide them around at your party venue for your guests to find. Have them hunt for these rings, and reward the person who finds the most.

To spice up the event, you can hide your actual engagement rings to make this hunt even more rewarding!

  3. Make it a Themed Party!

Who doesn’t love a good theme for a party? It’s a fantastic way to streamline the whole process. The decor, invites and food is so much easier to plan when you have a specific goal in mind. So take your pick from fine dining and cocktails, a garden party, or whatever else it is you fancy.

  4. How Well Do You Know the Bride/ Groom?

Another great game to play at your ring ceremony is having your friends and family to answer questions about the couple. You can get creative with this and make it as difficult or as easy as you like. 

Engagement parties generally tend to be more close-knit than weddings, so likely you’ll only have your closest friends around. That’s what makes this game especially fun to play.

  5. Add Clues to Your Invites

Have you announced the big date yet? If you haven’t you could use this opportunity to get creative with your invites. Throw in little clues to your big date (without being too obvious), and have your guests guess the actual date at your engagement party. 

This is a fun way to tell them to “save the date” as well.


  6. Photo Booth

Whether you like or not, taking photos and selfies are a universal phenomenon. So why not let your guests indulge themselves in a photo booth

Put together a set of fun props and keep a few cameras ready. If you’ve got a big budget, you could also get in a photographer to take pictures for you. You can then have the best ones printed and gift photo bookmark strips to your friends, later as a thank you!

  7. Couples’ Karaoke

Do you and your partner love to sing? ‘Cause if you do, you should consider adding karaoke to your party. All you have to do is select a list of songs and download their karaoke tracks, rent out a projector (or use your T.V if it’s at home) and take to the stage!

Depending on who you’re inviting you could also make it a family karaoke, a couples’ karaoke or have a general theme of love songs throughout.

  8. Make it a Surprise Party!

If you haven’t already told your friends that you’re getting engaged, surprise them! You can tell them they’re invited to a party, but don’t tell them why. When they show up, surprise them all by breaking the news that it’s a ring ceremony.


  9. Engaged for a Cause

Don’t feel up to going the whole nine yards on your engagement ceremony? You don’t have to! Have a simple celebration instead, and donate the rest of your engagement budget to a charity or cause you to care about it.

  10. Consider Customized Engagement Favors

We recommend that you put thought into your engagement favors. While the photo booth idea is one way to give your guests something of value to take home, you could also create little customized gifts for them as well. 

If you’ve got a lower budget, something as simple as a thank you card would do. However, if you’re open to spending more, you could give your closest friends and family customized wine bottles. All you have to do is replace the labels on the bottles with new, customized ones made just for your engagement.


Streamline Your Process with an Engagement Party Checklist

Once you know what you want out of your engagement party, create a checklist to help you get things in order. It makes the whole process a lot less stressful and a lot more fun. 

So go ahead, make your plans and let the celebrations begin!

Bonus – Wedding Guest Book Tips

Your engagement party is a great chance to start introducing your friends and relatives to your wedding guest book.

We all go through a lot of effort to remember our wedding day. We arrange for photographers, videographers, and sometimes ask friends for their best photos. But often these just capture what happens. A wedding guest book is a unique way to record how your guests, friends and family *feel*.  Though a typically Western concept, wedding guest books are a fun idea to add to an Indian wedding too.

The wedding guest book is a chance for you to ask your friends and family questions and record their answers. Here are some examples:

  • What’s your best marriage advice for us?
  • Where should we go for our 5th Anniversary Celebration?
  • Which is the most romantic place we should visit?
  • Your best marriage tip for us would be…
  • What are some everyday little ways to say ‘I love you’?
  • What will you remember most about our wedding day?
  • What special memory will you take away from our wedding day?
  • Can you share a good or funny memory about the bride and/or the groom?

It’s perhaps a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to get so much advice and tips in such a short period of time.

Do you have more ideas of how to make your engagement ceremony even more interesting? Share your ideas in comments!

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